Home Care Services

Home care supports daily activities and enables everyone to receive day-to-day help with the necessary care, maintain self-esteem and maintain good life quality. These activities may include washing, care, exercise, and medication.

At Compassionate Home Health Care, we offer six Home Health Care Services that allows the person to get exceptional care to stay in their home, which are as follows:

Skilled Nursing 

Your loved one will now receive specialist services at home if needed. At home, our qualified nurses help you to live peacefully in your lovely home. Contact us today to find out if a skilled nurse can help you and your loved ones.

Wondering if there are any skilled nursing facilities near me? Compassionate Home health care provides qualified skilled nursing facilities from certified nurses in clients’ homes. With the help of skilled nursing care, older people can access care most efficiently and conveniently possible. Care focuses on daily activities such as dressing, washing, and eating, often referred to as custodial care.

If you are not sure which skilled nursing service provider is best for you, contact Compassionate Home Health Care to evaluate the service that suits you.

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy (PT), also known as Physiotherapy, is one of the most popular healthcare professionals. Our therapists offer professional and elite physical therapy that promotes or restores health through physical examination, diagnosis and training of patients, fitness for physical intervention, health promotion, and disease prevention.

Wondering if there are any best physical therapy facilities near me? Compassionate Home Health Care offers various services that help you get started as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it is a severe headache, chronic illness, physical therapy exercises, or injury at work, our therapists are well trained in offering specially targeted programs to help you feel better.

Occupational Therapy 

The goal of occupational therapy is to help people find work in all areas of life. And for that, Compassionate Home Health Care uses affordable occupational therapy programs. The therapist looks for occupational therapy activities for adults that focus on the individual and develop the necessary skills.

Wondering if there is any best occupational therapist near me? Occupational therapy at Compassionate Home Health Care is a client-centered health service that aims to promote health and well-being. OTs need an initial assessment visit and an assessment of full access to care to determine OT eligibility.

Speech Therapy 

Speech training or therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems. A speech therapist does this, often referred to as SLPs or Speech-language pathologists. Speech Therapists are trained to study human communication, evolution, and disease. Moreover, they assess language, cognitive communication, and speaking/swallowing skills. This allows them to identify problems and the best way to solve them, such as through speech therapy exercises for adults.

Our ability to speak helps us to learn more about the beautiful world we live in. It helps us to share our thoughts and feelings with others. Many people cannot control this behavior for various reasons and therefore need to deal with delays in speech and language in a timely manner. Proper speech therapy services at home allow victims to communicate as much as possible. Compassionate home health care uses a variety of speech therapy techniques and technologies.

Medical Social Worker 

For patients who leave a hospital or institution, the existence of a plan can mean the difference between a successful rehabilitation and a re-enrollment. Medical Social Service Assistance treats patients and their families with the best possible results in difficult times during their journey.

Compassionate Home Health Care provides home medical social service to homebound patients. Social workers assess the patient’s emotional, environmental, psychological, and social needs to ensure that the home is the safest place to recover.

Home Health Aide

Specialized care workers are considered professionals and must meet requirements for training. Dedicated nurses enable clients to administer medications or diagnose significant symptoms under the guidance of a nurse or other healthcare professional. Healthcare professionals can change clothes and clothing and help with medical equipment.

Home health aides improve the quality of people with professional care, nursing, and compassionate kindness. For clients at compassionate Home Health Care, a home health aide has become a reliable partner. 

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