Licensed Medical Social Worker

For patients who leave a hospital or institution, the existence of a plan can mean the difference between successful rehabilitation and readmission. Social workers help treat patients and their families with the best possible results during complex medical journeys.

Social workers are responsible for the well-being of a person, especially the most vulnerable. Therefore, it is not surprising that caring is one of the most critical areas of social work. Social workers provide the services that patients and their families need to reduce social, emotional, and psychological issues related to health problems. Social workers also offer excellent services that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent disease and overcome barriers to entry.

Compassionate Home Health Care provides in-home medical social work services for homebound patients. Social workers assess the patient’s emotional, environmental, psychological, and social needs to ensure that the home is the safest place to recover.

The social worker works closely with each patient’s home care team to ensure that the care plan improves health and independence. The medical social work offered by Compassionate Home Health Care at home are:

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