Therapeutic Services

At Compassionate Home Health Services, we provide three main therapeutic health services to meet our clients’ individual needs. 

Physical Therapists will assess the client and search for problems in movement, such as difficulty in walking. They will give each client a personalized exercise plan, prescribing assistive devices, like walkers or crutches, when needed. Occupational Therapists will work with clients to improve motor tasks, like dressing and independent eating. 

Speech Therapists help clients increase their speaking, swallowing, language processes, and other disabilities with speech. By effectively implementing all three, individuals and families are better able to lead healthy and productive lives in their communities.

At compassionate home health care, we believe in caring for individuals and every aspect of their lives. Our approach includes mental health and family services and various other therapies such as counseling. Years of work in different communities have taught our caregivers the importance of providing cultural services and responding to the needs of each individual.

Compassionate Home Health Services provides assessment and evaluation, medication management, and case management. In addition, we offer advanced therapeutic services to individuals and groups to help manage physical and short-term problems, work and speech issues, and mental health problems. 

Wondering if therapy is right for you? You’re not alone. Many people seek a therapist’s help, especially when:

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